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I'm considering dumping my Motorola 4G mobile phone that works on a Tesco (02)network.  Instead I'm thinking about buying a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T and changing to a THREE sim card for 8 a month.  The way I read it I get unlimited calls and texts, 8GB data and free calls to the UK from 71 countries around the world.  I can also use it as a hotspot to tether my Kindle.  What do you think?   :dunno:

I've never used 3, so can't comment on their service.  I've heard it said that their coverage isn't the best, but I've heard others say that they've had no problems.  Depends on your area, I guess.  I'm always a little bit wary of these deals, and have in the back of my mind that "if it looks too good to be true, it usually is", but on the face of it, I can't see that you could go far wrong, and if you have your own phone, you can always move to another provider at the end of the contract if necessary.  One thing I did notice at the bottom of the page is "The price displayed includes a 5 monthly discount for paying by a recurring method, such as direct debit. Each May, your Monthly Charge will increase by an amount up to the January RPI rate (published each February)."  I don't know if that would apply to this May, but I guess it wouldn't be all that much of an increase anyway.  Just watch that the price doesn't shoot up after the end of the one year contract.

Yes, I'd noticed the possible increase too but my Tesco contract started at 6 a month in 2017 and is now 7.50.  3 coverage in this area is claimed to be good. 

I'm with three and have been for donkeys. Signal is fine most of the time, data is ace.

Thanks for that Sam.  That SIM package would suit me down to the ground to be honest. 


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