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Sports Photography Is Back!


I once said that when the lockdown measures were eased, the thing I was most looking forward to photographing was a game of village cricket on the ground just across a field from where I live. Yesterday evening I got a phone call from the ladies club captain saying the home team was about to go into bat, so I grabbed my camera and raced up there. I didn't have time to mount a super telephoto lens (I had a 200mm lens mounted) and the light was poor, but nevertheless it felt great once more to be taking the sort of photographs I love to take.

Gosh, they look as if they mean business!  Great action shots Gill!   :thumb:

Great photos, but I'm afraid I have as much interest in sport as you have in the band Queen, Gill.   ;)

Thanks guys.  Gotta say, Simon, I'm with you when it comes to sports but the drama and physical exertion can make for pleasing photographs.


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