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Autopilot is usually turned on during most of an airplane flight. The computer can make more precise adjustments, which leads to better fuel efficiency (except during turbulence). Autopilot is not typically used during takeoff or landing, although it is available to use.

Research indicates that having a positive attitude about aging actually contributes to living a longer life.

Today’s medical historians have traced the likely beginning of the Spanish flu not to Spain, but to Haskell County, Kansas, where people lived close to their pigs and poultry. When three Haskell County boys were shipped off to Fort Riley, Kansas in late 1917, they carried the virus with them, which spread from U.S. military bases to cities across the country. The virus then spread throughout Europe, brought over with the U.S. troops of WWI, and it returned to the United States in a much deadlier form. Astonished at the rapid and high mortality rate, Americans feared the Germans had put “flu bacteria” in Bayer aspirin or had sneaked the flu through Boston harbour.

The average hybrid car can only travel 30 to 40 miles before the battery runs out and the internal combustion engine kicks in; a fully-electric car can go for between 60 and 200 miles on a single charge.

Researchers speculate that humans laughed before they could speak.


--- Quote ---Researchers speculate that humans laughed before they could speak.
--- End quote ---

What were they laughing at?   :dunno:

AFs has gone Waltzin' Matilda again, I see.



It likes to explore.   :laugh:


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