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Keeping an HP Elitebook 830 G6 cool


Hi all

Again sorry I've not been around, hope all well.

Dropped in as I could do with some advice.

The above is the machine I've been issued by work as I've been working from home since March.

It's a nice machine and I've had it sat on a scanner to make sure the vents are clear.

It's an i5 which is running at the full turbo speed of 3.90GHz most of the time just because of the software load on it (think it could do with being an i7 but not my decision to make alas)

Had HW monitor running on it and noticed it went into the 70s CPU temp wise on Thursday and started to slow down severely (it's had the R70 BIOS loaded recently)

Any idea how to keep it cool

The obvious thought would be a fan.  But, it shouldn't be so much of an issue now because the weather is cooling down.

Good to see you Mitch! 

I've popped it on an upturned wire basket so we'll see tomorrow.

Not suprised it had enough, had lots of fans on but was baked myself and had been struggling to sleep anyway.

I was so relieved it was cooler on Friday I rang and asked my boss for the day off and she agreed, I slept most of the day.

I think we have all been suffering with this unusually hot weather.   :)


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