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We currently have our internet and telephone service provided by TalkTalk.  It's supposed to deliver fast broadband at 11mps/s and unlimited UK phone calls.  All in, we're charged £33.50 per month.  However, our contract will end shortly so I've been looking around.  It appears I can get a similar service with broadband at three times faster for £31.99 from Plusnet.

I'd appreciate any advice before I make a decision.  Plusnet used to be a highly regarded telecomms firm but I'm not sure how they are now.

I have Plusnet in my other flat and have never experienced any problems with them.  ADSL speed is good and I pay £16 a month but that doesn't include the landline which I have with ID Net. Talk Talk are in serious trouble and owe BT £millions in unpaid bills so it's sensible to bail out asap. 

I could be wrong but I believe Plusnet are now part of BT.  I've been with IDNet since 2007 so I have no recent experience of other ISPs.

They have always been part of BT.  I've used them downstairs since 2006 and prior to that I used them at a previous property for several years. 

I'm still with BT after leaving iDnet a number of years ago.

I have never had any problems with them and my speed is 62mps/s with unlimited anytime calls. I also pay for BT Sport and the wholehome WiFi hubs.

A friend of mine 100mtrs away is with PlusNet and gets a max of 35mps/s.


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