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I bought a graphics tablet a couple of years ago and put it aside some time ago in a safe place where it would be easy to find.  I kept the stylus in a drawer where I knew it would also be safe and easy to find.  A few months ago I bought some graphics software which I've been very keen to use with the graphics pad but when I looked in the place where I'd stored it, it wasn't there.  Annoyingly, the stylus was exactly where I'd put it and has served as a reminder to me every day since.

This morning I found the graphics tablet... exactly where I put it so long ago.  I was delighted and couldn't wait to use it with my newish software so I reached into the drawer for the stylus, only to find it wasn't there.  I've emptied the drawer plus the rest of the cabinet, all to no avail - it's gone.

I know some people talk about the 'spirit in the machine' but I'm beginning to wonder if the spirit in my machine is having a laugh.  Come on, you PC experts - what's the solution for poltergeist activity in relation to a computer?

Alternatively, if anyone can tell me where the stylus is, I'd be much obliged.

This happens to me all the time.  Something could be somewhere, and you see it every day, but when you actually need to use it, it's gone.  I never did find a black wallet with a National Trust membership card in it, that was on the chest of draws for months, until the day I wanted to visit a local NT park, then it was nowhere to be seen from that day to this.

This is absolutely normal and I put it down to quantum mechanics and parallel universes.   :crazy:  When the item is missing it's because it's slipped over to the other side. 

When it happens to me I put it down to senility on my part. Now where did I put my Amiga 1200?  :blush:

If you're feeling nostalgic for your old Amiga, Den, may I suggest the new Raspberry Pi 400?  It's received some very favourable reviews and if I needed a new machine to use Linux or learn coding I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

By the way, I still miss Raid Over Moscow on my old Amiga.


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