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Windows 10 update pulled after installations freeze what to do now


Windows 10 has another update disaster on its hands, and has had to pull a recent security update after users reported it was freezing part-way through the installation process.

The issues stem from trying to install the February 9 security update (KB4601392). In response, Microsoft has had to release a fresh update (KB5001078) to fix the problem and let people actually update their machines.

Hmm...  I've not had any problems with mine.

I hold mine back for as long as possible under the premise that Microsoft updates can do more harm to my computer than a virus attack.   ::)

Since I've had my new PC and laptop, I've tended to let them come through when they want to, as previously, I found that delaying them allowed them to build up and they would eventually appear in an avalanche, which ground the computer to a halt.  There really is no escape from them. 

Yeah typically I've not had much of a problem since on Win 10 and even then not much before. Sometimes has messed up the graphics driver  :facepalm: .. but easily fixed  8-)


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