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Changing bundle on Tesco mobile

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I have a Tesco sim card that costs me 7.50 a month for 100 calls, 250mb data and 5000 texts.  They are now offering me a better deal comprising 500 calls and 2 gb of data for the same price.  If I agree to it would they send me a new card or merely upgrade their system? I use the card with my Motorola G4.

I'm guessing it's 500 minutes of calls, not 500 calls, but when I changed my contract with O2, it was a simple tweak at their end, and no replacement SIM card was required.

Yes, 500 minutes.  Although in my case it would translate to 500 calls.   ;D  That sounds very encouraging as I can't remember how to remove the sim card anyway. 

In point of fact, I did my contract upgrade (which was actually a downgrade) through my O2 app, and it was done almost instantly.  I don't think it should cause you a problem, Clive.

Great, it's on my job list for tomorrow. 


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