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How many times a year do Apple have to update their software.

Yet another this morning that took ages to complete. If it was Microsoft Windows 10 it would be all over the forum.  o:)

As it happens, without wishing to tempt fate, I've not had any problems with Windows Updates recently.  Since I've got my new laptop and desktop PCs, I hardly notice them. 

With regards phone updates, I can only relate to Android, and we usually get a security update every month (or perhaps two), and a major OS updated once yearly.  The security updates are not usually a problem, and take about 20 minutes all in all (including download time), but the annual OS revisions usually break something that worked perfectly well before.  As Android isn't quite the 'walled garden' Apple is, Google tend to make changes that mess up existing apps, which then take time to catch up.  It's not always an issue, but they've messed up the music apps and playlists over the last two upgrades, and they are still not really working as they should.  Since the latest upgrade there is now a delay with music apps updating with anything that is added to the SD card.  I would actually quite like to switch back to an iPhone but the thought of of having to replace all of my current apps is a bit of a nightmare.  Ten years ago I would have relished the prospect of a new toy, but these days I can't be arsed.

Mrs Clive's iPad seems to take care of itself as far as updates are concerned.  Presumably it would have whinged if she had to update it manually?

I swapped to a Samsung Phone and the battery life was amazing and after that it went downhill. I would lose signal in places where I never lost it on a iPhone.

I bought a new iPhone SE and life became better. The problem with Apple they have a built in feature that means that they will not update after a couple of years so they can push you into buying a new one.

Mrs Den has an iPad that will no longer update but mine will all the while. I still love Microsoft though.


--- Quote from: Clive on March 14, 2021, 14:30 ---Presumably it would have whinged if she had to update it manually?
--- End quote ---

That's no way to talk about Mrs Clive.  I shall be submitting a report.   :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:


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