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June 10th Eclipse

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I don't usually venture into this board, but I came across a mention elsewhere that there will be a partial eclipse visible in the UK (full eclipse in North America, Northern Europe and Asia), on June 10th, and it was accompanied by this animation which was apparently done over 20 years ago, with 100% accuracy.

 :out:   ;D

The partial eclipse begins at 10.08 am and ends at 12.26 BST.  The maximum will take place at 11.15am when the Moon's southern edge will cover one third of the Sun's surface.  Typically, the weather forecast is dire but when were they ever right?   :laugh:  Only look at the Sun using proper Mylar eclipse glasses.  If you use film negative or dark glass the infra red rays from the Sun will pass through and could cause permanent eye damage or even blindness. 

I'll probably forget about it until it's over.   :facepalm:

 :)x  I woke up at 2.30 this morning to see a wonderful display of noctilucent clouds.  They are only visible at this time of year and are formed by ice crystals very high up in the atmosphere. 

Were you sleeping outside then?   :crazy:


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