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e-mail problems

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hi all

i just installed win98se and i am using fast24 and incredimail.

i don't think that i have my accounts set up properly.

what is fast24 pop3 and smtp addresses, i seem to have misplaced them in the overhaul  ::)

Hi Camstop,
Have you used Outlook Express etc, before with Fast24? if so, IncrediMail can import the settings from those applications.

Other than that, I don't know what Fast settings are, sorry :-";"xx

Here are the Pop3 and Smtp settings Camstop  :-*

hi sandra

got that ok.

can u give me a clue to what my user name might be, or the second half of it at least.

The only info I have on it  Camstop is that its the same username and password (as your log in name I assume )
Its something I got from someone on Fast when a friend lost his details and luckily I kept that much as a notepad doc.
I havent a single contacts fast24 address,they all seem to use an alternate one  ::)

Just got this off Fast24 site :

A Fast24 email address (

Hope that helps  :-*


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