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After acquiring a brand new iphone 12 max pro with unlimited calls and data, my sacred Samsung PAYG 3G phone has stopped working - probably having a temper tantrum.  I have around 29 credit on the sim and I now plan to cancel my monthly contract with Tesco for my 4G Motorola which allows me a derisory amount of data each month.  The contract runs out in a few weeks anyway.  So I'm thinking of removing the 3G sim and putting it in the 4G phone.  I know it won't give me data but it should still work as a phone?

I think it should work, but I've never done it.  You won't get 4G from a 3G SIM, even if it's a 4G phone, but unless the phones are both locked to different networks, you should at least be able to use up the balance on the SIM, assuming it fits in the Motorola phone.  There's only one way to find out.  :)

Thanks Simon.  I've packed up both phones into a jiffy bag and posted them to you.  I really appreciate that.   ;D


It should be a very straightforward task and I definitely plan to do it. 


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