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Maybe an admin would make this a "sticky" at the top of the forum... Some useful links that might help out a few ppl.

PC SHOPS - cheap prices but steep delivery - suggested by twiggy

BOOTDISKS - need a bootdisk then look here

BIOS - Everything you need to know about your Bios

MISSING FILES, DLL's etc - DLL World for those missing dll files - another dll source

FILE EXTENSION LISTINGS - What app does file extension xxx need?

COMMS - UK Broadband Speed Test v2.7 - for modems

USER NAME is: drivers
PASSWORD is: all

     excellent free Utility to back up all your existing drivers.

GUIDES - XP Shutdown Issues - Networking - Networking - allsorts - info reguarding XP

cable wiring info

Press the correct key to enter BIOS Setup at the beginning of the boot process (when the system counts the memory or after the system logo appears):
1) Acer - Ctrl-Alt-Esc
2) Amax - F1
3) AMI - Del or F1
4) Award - Del or F1
5) Compaq - F10 after the cursor moved to the right of the screen
6) Dell - Del or F2
7) Gateway 2000 - F1
8) HP - F1 or F2 after HP logo appeared
9) IBM - F1
10) Micron - F2
11) NEC - F2 or F1
12) Packard Bell - F1 or F2 ( or F10 ? )
13) Phoenix - Ctrl-Alt-Esc
14) Sony - F3, then F1 or F2
15) ASUS / ASROCK BOOT KEY - F2 (cheers Robotochan)

Firewall / Port Scans - suggested by Dack

Browser / Privacy Scans


For cheap ink

SPYWARE Removal (for spyware/browser hijacking removal etc)
and the attached forum site for that - suggested by Dack

**Please note, none of the above links have been officially endorsed by, or have any relationship whatsoever with PC Pals Forum - Simon.**

Bloody handy, all the same - thanks Craig!  ;D ;D


--- Quote from: Muggins on July 12, 2003, 14:55 ---Maybe an admin would make this a "sticky" at the top of the forum... Some useful links that might help out a few ppl.
--- End quote ---

Done, Craig.  ;D  Hope you don't mind the bit at the bottom.   ;)

dont mind at all m8 :) make whatever alterations you deem fit :) just happy to help

Some very useful stuff there.  Ihink I might bookmark the page.

Cheers, Craig.

a very handy list there Craig, good on ya, it's bookmarked already


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