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Generic Useful Links

Ever woken up screaming at night because you couldn't code in Perl/CGI?  Well, there's no longer any need to fret now, because here's a very handy online tutorial!

The best vbasic source code on the Planet :)

Thanks Denboy, and Welcome to the Forum!  

Stuff like that is always useful for somebody!!   :)

Thanks DenBoy

Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here and please feel free to join in with everything ... we hope you appreciate the happy feel to the forum.

Definitely for Adept  ;D

Out of my depth on this stuff but as we use YaBB SE,are there any of those languages applicable for use on here.I noticed that there were a few things for chatrooms in PHP and other languages  ???

Glad to have you onboard Denboy,especially if you understand this kind of stuff  :-*


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