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Which Web Editor?

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Just like to no what you all used and thought is the best.

My self its got to be Namo ;D


Namo works for me Mark although I havent used it much this year :doggie:

Posted by: Sandra Posted on: Today at 03:44:19am
I see you had a late night again Sandra ;D
I havent used a web editor yet twiggy but if I do Ill proerbly go along with you and Sandra!! ;)

I've tried nearly all the others and it's Dreamweaver MX every time for me ;)

I do a lot of PHP/MySQL programming these days. Dreamweaver has support for these is built-in :D as well as the best HTML editor possible 8)

Unfortunately I'm still find myself having to use Microsoft FrontPage for some sites I look after :( Bah!

Well it seems to work ok Adept so stick with it,pity it doesnt seem to show the chatroom link these days though  :P


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