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Mrs Clive uses Dreamweaver so I have a resident expert (says he hopefully  ;D) when I want to create a website for my local astronomical society if and when I ever get around to it.  The current webmaster hasn't updated it for at least 3 years so I suppose I should take matters into my own hand.  

This is the webpage and I am 4th from the left in the photo clutching my 8.5 incher.   ;D  ;D


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Had to laugh at that one Clive ;D ;D

If you've looked at the photo, I'm surprised that you haven't commented about the fact that we were all looking through our telescopes in broad daylight.   ;D  ;D  ;D

That's because we know you're all nutters, so nothing is unusual!   :P :P ;D ;D :lol:

Can't disagree with that Simon.   ;D  But the more observant will have noticed the angle of the telescopes are perfectly aligned with a bedroom window.   :baad:


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