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Web Browser THE BEST ?

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Ah ah, now I have got your attention,

I keep hearing Simon going on [ in the best possible taste, might I add  ;)] about Mozilla, and Adept mentions Opera web browsers.

So I thought, how about a thread for those who use other browsers other than IE:6 or earlier versions, to put the case for their favourite.

Because I'm just thinking, maybe having another brower on your PC as well as IE:6, aint a bad idea. I mean if for instance your having a prob with IE:6, or at least you put it down to IE:6, you can use the other browser. And if you like it, make it your default browser.

Come on lads, get posting  ::)


--- Quote from: Tony on September 18, 2003, 15:24 ---

Come on lads, get posting  ::)

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Is this a male only thread then Tony  ::)

In case it isnt I will just add that I use IE6 and as it seems to do all that I want without the extra clutter I have seen on the other browsers then I will stick with it for now :P

Sandra Sandra,

But you are one of the Lads, your all one of the lads, Mich, Lona, Shaz, Serenity......well to be honest ....she's a bit of a tart really .........but I like her  ;D ;) :P

PS:I appreciate your comments re IE:6 v others, by the way.

Yes, there are a lot of browsers out there, the cream of the crop seem to have multiple page browsing and built in popup blockers etc etc...

I personally prefer to have the minimal amount of rubbish on my machine, and since IE is integrated,  I stick with that. There isn't anything I haven't been able to do ... yet, and until it happens, I'm not bothering about it.

I'd be interested in seeing the 'votes' tho'.

Well, I would recommend Mozilla 1.4 for the following reasons:

1. It's free, with no ads (unlike Opera).

2. It is faster than IE (in my opinion), and suffers less crashes.  Also, it doesn't suffer from MS Updates!

3. It has a built in Pop Up Stopper, Cookie Manager, Download Manager, Mail Client, HTML Editor, Form Filler, and may other features, which you have to use third party programs for in IE.

4. You can use Tabbed Browsing, and (with the relevant plug-in), Mouse Gestures, if you wish to.

5. You can have fun trying out the hundreds of add-ons / extensions / plug-ins available, if you like tinkering.

6. If you c**k it up, you can easily re-install it without losing any of your settings.

7. There is no index.dat file to worry about, if you value your surfing privacy.  Wiping of cache / cookies can be done easily.

8. The layout is much simpler, and less cluttered than IE, although you have the choice of using an extremely competant sidebar, if that's your thing.

9. You can use Google as your default search engine.

10.  Mozilla is much more configurable than IE.  You can choose from a selection of different skins, and icon packs, to make the browser as personal as you like.  All the features, such as Tabbed Browsing, Sidebar, Site Navigation Bar, plus other toolbars and featuers are easily turn on and offable.  If you like tinkering, this is the browser for you, but it can also be as simple as you like.

That concludes my case for Mozilla 1.4.  Go on, try it... I dare you!   ;D ;D

There's even a forum for Mozilla users, if you can't find your answers here, of course!  ;)  

Also in development is the Firebird browser and Thunderbird mail clients, which are basically stripped down, stand alone versions of Mozilla.

Oh, and one more thing - if you create a long post on here, and the forum freezes as you post it, when you refresh, you don't lose all your text!!


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