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Author Topic: AVG anti-virus stays free (true)  (Read 928 times)

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AVG anti-virus stays free (true)
« on: November 21, 2006, 17:03 »
The Register
By John Leyden

Users of a free version of GRISoft's AVG anti-virus software have begun receiving pop-up messages this week warning that their package would no longer be supported from 15 January.

This prompted concerns among a number of Reg readers that GRISoft was ditching the free version of its security software. Actually, the firm is simply encouraging users to upgrade from AVG Free version 7.1 to AVG Free version 7.5, which boasts improved performance and compatibility with Windows Vista.

A spokesman for GRISoft confirmed that the firm had no plans to ditch its line of free software, while stressing users would enjoy improved support with the paid-for version of the software.

"Users should be presented with a dialogue which explains their options," a GRISoft spokesman said. He conceded that, judging by the handful of responses we've received, this dialogue box was perhaps not as clear as it might have been.

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