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Author Topic: Backing-up Outlook  (Read 1560 times)

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Backing-up Outlook
« on: December 08, 2002, 11:31 »
This article is an extract of information first published in the Lockergnome Windows Digest newsletter -- free subscription to which, may be obtained at the very wonderful Lockergnome website.

How to correctly backup your e-mail and Outlook files

I am using Outlook Express 6, and it exports / manages its files in the DBX file format.  I copy those DBX files and use them as a backup of my e- mail records (Sent Items, Inbox, etc.).  I also use Microsoft Outlook 2000 and I would like to know how could I find the files that contain a backup of my Internet e- mails in Microsoft Outlook 2000?  In which folder does Microsoft Outlook store its information (so that if I need to reinstall Windows, then I can regain my e-mails and settings in Microsoft Outlook)?

Since you use Internet e-mail in Microsoft Outlook, then your e-mail is stored in a PST file on the computer.  The easiest way to find this file is to go to Find, type "*.pst" (sans quotes) and click "Find Now."  If you know the name of your Outlook profile, then you can replace the asterisk with that name before the ".pst" part.

Another way to find where Outlook is storing your PST file is to right-click Outlook Today in your folder list, and choose Properties.  Under Advanced, you will find the path to and name of your PST file.  Now you can just copy that file to whatever you use to back up your machine.

Another method would be to walk through the Export Wizard (found under the File menu) to Import and Export.  The PST file isn't the only file you need for a smooth recovery, though.  If you have Rules set up, then I would suggest that you go to Tools | Rules Wizard. In the Rules Wizard, click Options, then Export, and you will be left with an RWZ file that you can use to re-import your rules on your newly set up machine.

Personally, I would have you back up the whole Outlook folder that contained your PST file, because there are other helpful files in that folder.  These files include the settings for your AutoSignature and toolbars.

For a detailed list of what each file does for Outlook 2000, please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 196492; if you want specific instructions for Outlook 2002, then refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 287070.  Now you should have no more worries when it comes to backing up your Microsoft Outlook.

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Re:Backing-up Outlook
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2002, 13:18 »
I read somewhere else that you couldn't save message rules, so that is a VERY useful article indeed.  ;D
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Re:Backing-up Outlook
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2002, 13:31 »
Nice one rodders

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