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I am considering registering a domain name for e-mails, webspace etc, and wondered if anyone could recommend a good, reliable, cheap UK host?

TIA  :thumb:

You can get a free domain name here Simon, I have been using one for my server for about 8 months with no problems.

It has paid for e mail storage/forwarding if desired, dont know how it compares cost wise or whether they offer webspace as well  :)

I would prefer a UK based one, Sandra.  Dynu would cost $25 per year to host a domain, plus extra costs for the e-mail services.

I pay 29.99 pa for the services of these fine people: Alivewww.  Support (via email) is friendly and very human.  I'm into my second year with them and have absolutely no qualms about recommending them to anyone who'll listen.

Well, as I said, I am only considering this, and having looked at things again, it seems a little bit extravagant to pay out for a hosting service, which would basically be only used for e-mail.  I was looking at alternatives to my current e-mail @Talk21, as they have now decided that we've all had it too good for too long, and are introducing a monthly 1.50 charge for POP3 services.


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