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Cancelling a contract with Vodaphone

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Oh fantastic Simon!  I'll have a go at that.  I'd never heard of a world SIM either and the provider is in Estonia so it comes up as "international" on my house phone.  But it certainly seems to work very well. 

Unfortunately that is only for cancellations within 30 days of receiving the SIM.  It's been in use for several years now so it's well beyond that timescale. 

Oh, sorry.  I still think the STAC thing would be worth a try, but I guess if you want to be sure to avoid any future hassle, you'll have to contact them again.   ::)

I've done it!   :thumb:  I managed to find a phone number and got through straight away to an English person.  The security check took just a few minutes and she explained that I wasn't actually on a contract at all.  It's a 30 day rolling contract that can be cancelled at any time.  She had to transfer me to the cancellation team who tried to persuade me that I had built up lots of benefits and could get a better contract with them and didn't I have a relative who might like to take over the SIM.  Painful really since there is no signal.   ::)  But the 30 day cancellation referred to in your .pdf probably refers to the very contract I was on and not a new contract.  So you did come up with the goods after all Simon!  Another triumph for PC-Pals!   ;D



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