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BT charges set to rise

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BT has warned millions of customers it is increasing its prices by up to 6.5% from December this year.

It will increase the line rental for direct debit customers by 6.25% to 16.99, and the rate for calling UK landlines by 6.44%.

The set-up fee for landline calls, residential calls, to the speaking clock and call return charges will also increase for some or all customers.

But BT said it had added "extra money-saving options" for poorer customers.

People should vote with their feet.  I did!   :laugh:

Lots have, and I suspect lots more will.   8-)


--- Quote from: Simon on August 23, 2014, 22:08 ---Lots have, and I suspect lots more will.   8-)

--- End quote ---

Ditching BT earlier this year after 25 years of "amazing" service was probably the best thing i've done this year  :thumbs:

Moving to BT for their Infinity 1 was probably the best thing I did last year.  :thumbs:  ;D


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