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Author Topic: AOL lifts lid on version 9.0  (Read 785 times)

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AOL lifts lid on version 9.0
« on: June 27, 2003, 11:19 »
15:11 Thursday 26th June 2003

The next version of its Internet service will be faster and include better email capabilities, says AOL.
America Online on Thursday said the next version of its Internet service, available to subscribers later this summer, will include more advanced email features and technology to speed up Web connections.

The version -- AOL 9.0 Optimised -- emerges as the online division of AOL Time Warner tries to stem the shrinkage in its dial-up base and attract high-speed subscribers with more programming and services, including those targeted at advanced Internet users, to recharge growth.

The company said it will start an online promotional campaign on Friday to build buzz among its current subscribers for the next version, which will also include a prepaid card, controlled by parents, to give kids an "online allowance.'"

The version, which will be available for non-members in autumn, will also have new 3-D animated "SuperBuddy" icons for AOL users chatting via instant messaging. The animations are linked to about 75 commonly used abbreviations and phrases in chat and react accordingly to those phrases.

As earlier reported, it will also contain new email features, targeted at more advanced users, that let them view all of their mail in one place and, for the first time, let users permanently store up to 20MB of mail on AOL's servers. The service also will include Web accelerator technology for free to its dial-up and high-speed subscribers.

AOL rivals EarthLink and United Online launched Web accelerator products this spring, targeting dialup subscribers who do not want to pay for broadband, but who can get Web access that's about five times faster than standard connections for a smaller fee.

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